HanBingo | Shaved ice lovers must not miss at Han Bingo with the menu BIBIMBAP BINGO (BINGSU)
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Shaved ice lovers must not miss at Han Bingo with the menu BIBIMBAP BINGO (BINGSU)

Hellollllllll friends

When the weather is hot The body will demand cold and cold things.

What is it?
instead of the pedestal
Find a special review. Satisfied with big fruit.

That is....“ BIBIMBAP BINGO ”

I'm amazed at how it looks.

Ahem, take it easy, let's introduce the shop first.

at Han Bingo

Let’s start with the atmosphere of the shop first. It is decorated with warm colors. but gives a cold atmosphere with snowflakes


There will be snacks that are promoted to exchange for purchases from the shop. It will be a snack, Korean Mama.

And there will be decorated with wooden and framed dessert menus on the walls.

Give a touch of Korean style by playing music. Korea, even though it's a fan, it's not a fan. You have to look and listen.

The decoration of the shop will have a vibe. The winter snow is very beautiful.

Mew really likes the style of the restaurant's decoration. There will be an out door to get a view of the outside atmosphere of the capital city. Beautiful, chic, stylish.

atmosphere outside Another beautiful sight It's a pity that when I go there, it's about to rain. I can't sit down.

The menu at the restaurant has many menus.

You can choose as you like.

It’s time to get silly Mew chooses to have an appetizer, Ice Burger, only 120 baht.

Appearance is very appetizing.

It is a burger topped with mango, green grapes, strawberries followed by sliced ​​almonds.
which under those fruits There is intense chocolate and whipped cream, milk fragrance, perfectly delicious.
It's so awesome, you have to try it yourself, hehe.

in terms of beverages It's a watermelon smoothie with milk, 80 baht.
The color is like cold milk. but not It's really watermelon juice.

The above you see is not milk foam. It’s ice bingsu, very fine and delicious.

As for appetizers, the various menus in the restaurant are also very appetizing.
Good for all hearts. It's good agra.

Today Mew has a chance to try the best Bingsu of the restaurant.

that is

It is a variety of fruit bingsu in a giant cup.

In the cup, there are mangoes, watermelons, blueberries, kiwis, bananas, strawberries and green grapes.

And the cool one is fried egg.

which I wonder if Fried egg with Bingsu Will it really match???

Don't be shocked.

The egg whites are milk-flavored gelatin and the yolks are orange-flavored gelatin.

She is a highlight unlike any other, very creative.

Inside the bowl, there are popsicles and cornflakes.

Ice cream is banoffee ice cream, which is delicious and super thick.

Eat everything together, it's perfect.

Which the most challenging mission of Mew is


Eat all the giant Bingsu dishes within the time limit.

After a while, I feel cold, my tongue is numb, I can't move anymore.
atmosphere like to the North Pole Korea wow

In conclusion, within the allotted time, I couldn't eat in time.
The real thing is that the cup is huge.

feeling of participating in the activity

- It's so much fun, you can try a cold food competition that you know you won't be able to finish.

- Challenge yourself well. Don't think ahead, think later. Haha.
- Sometimes the rules are too harsh. Time is too short TT

- Bingsu taste is delicious, I personally like it. Lots of grapes and mangoes get together

Give it a rating of 10/10.

If you know you love Korean Shaved Ice Bingsu

Served with fruit Invited to come and try it!!


information receiving channel or new menu



Cr. https://goo.gl/JFYjHb